Frequently Asked Questions (Servers)

Seven Wildz Wooden Vanity

Is Seven Wildz an MMO?

Not as of right now; though the foundation has been designed for a multi-player experience from the beginning, an MMO requires resources that we don't have as a small indie team.  Plus, with the sandbox game-play, it seems more fun and personal if we keep the servers set to 60 players or less.

Will there be dedicated servers?

The end goal is that we have official dedicated servers for players to join.  On first release though, dedicated servers may be hosted by players or players will be able to join each other "client-to-client."

What is "client-to-client"?

"Client-to-client" means that when a player hosts a game they become the server and the friends whom join them act as clients.  Thus, when the host leaves the server is shut down.  So friends will still be able to play together but the host will have to be online in order for it to work.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server runs consistently despite who is online.  So, as opposed to the "client-to-client" connection, everyone is free to log-in and log-out as they please without interrupting the server.

Will I be able to join different games with the same character?

Yes.  Your character will be consistent despite what game/server you join, however your property will change.

I don't get to keep my property when joining different games?

No.  Player housing in Seven Wildz is based on properties throughout the map.  Different properties will have a "For Sale" sign on them; when a player purchases a property they're able to customize that property to their liking.  Since it's a first-come-first-serve system, if you join a new server and the property you had on a previous server has been taken by somebody else then you have to find a new property.

Frequently Asked Questions (Game-play)

Seven Wildz Warhammer

What happens when my character dies?

Similar to other survival games out there, when you die all of your current equipment and loot will be dropped at your corpse.  There will be a grave to loot for a certain amount of time and you'll be able to go back and grab your items or another player may take them.   However, there will be storage that you can create where you'll be able to keep items which cannot be looted.  This is where it's beneficial to own a property on the server/game you play on.

What types of loot are available?

There are two main categories of loot in Seven Wildz:  Equipment and Backpack.

Equipment is something that you can equip, such as:  Weapons, Helmets, Armor, Lanterns, etc.

Backpack is something that's carried, but that you don't necessarily equip, such as: ingredients, currency, quest items, etc.

Throughout the world you can loot/craft nearly everything you see; if we make the models, it seems silly to put a limit on them.

You like farming?  Great!  Go loot the tools you need to do so and start farmin'!  Sell your goods to a vendor and make a life for yourself.

You like fighting?  Great!  Go loot some weapons and armor so that you can get out there to bash skulls!  Sell your rewards to a vendor and make a life for yourself.

What classes can I play?

There are no set classes in Seven Wildz.  You're a simple vagrant who's stumbled upon a vast land that needs help; whether or not you provide help, well, that's entirely up to you!

What spells can I cast?

None!  Well, not at first anyways.  Though the land is plagued by the seven sins, that doesn't automatically grant you magic powers in order to combat evil!  Nope; you have to find magic, and it's rare.  Ooooo baby is it rare!  However, should you find magic, well... nobody can take that away from you.

Will there be quests?

Absolutely!  We want to be sure that you have purpose!  There's a story-line to follow, if you choose to do so, as well as daily jobs you can complete.  If you'd like to be a hero then you can definitely achieve that with some elbow-grease;  Just keep in mind that we're anti-hand-holding!  This is survival after all.

What kind of combat can I expect?

Good question!  The game is primarily third-person but with an FPS combat system.  That means that despite the third-person camera you have to aim at your target, using the crosshair in order to achieve damage.  Feel free to use a bow, crossbow, sword, mace, warhammer, rock or pitchfork to conquer your enemies!

Frequently Asked Questions (Customization)

Seven Wildz Heater Shield

How can I customize myself?

As far as body customization goes, you will be able to choose your hair style, skin tone and eyes.  And with the eyes, why be symmetrical?  If you want two different shaped, different color eyes, go for it!

Why can't I choose my gender?

Well, you can, but we've chosen not to specify male or female.  Rather, we've decided to stick to masculine and feminine hair styles, eyes and equipment.  Be whatever gender you want!

Can I dye my clothes?

You can change the colors of quite a few items.  Some equipment, like certain armors, shields, tabbards, etc. will even allow you to change their coats of arms.

Can I dye my hair and change skin tones mid-game?

Actually, yes, you can!  We may not allow players to cast spells at the beginning of the game, but that isn't to say that there's not magic in Seven Wildz.  There will be certain NPCs who are willing to give you a haircut, dye your clothes, or with the use of magic even change your skin tone at any time... should you be able to find them and pay the price.

Are there attachments for items?

Yes!  Helmets will allow you to change which visor you have attached, for one.  And there will be a number of other items you can customize through attachments.

How customizable is my property?

We require players to obtain properties for their housing in order to keep immersion.   That being said, you can do quite a bit with it; your property is your own little chunk of land to do with as you please.  Build fences, barns, house(s), whatever.